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Hi folks, as somebody who has been around text based messages for more years than I care to admit to, there is one basic truism which still can cause issues.
The statement of facts or giving of advice can appear very abrupt and direct when it was not meant to be.
Most of us when speaking to each other use inflection and such like to create the spirit of what is being said and how it is to be taken.
Sadly many of us cannot see body language, so even that is no good in person. However apart from what I still consider as these new fangled emogees, many do not know what they mean nor in fact use them.
Thus when you see an apparently abrupt response or interpret something as a castigation or a reprimand, please go away, have a drink, think about it and realise it was just the facts being expressed. Nothing wrong with anything you said.
Even a simple comment like:
If you go back a day you will see this answered is often seen as sarcasm, when its really not meant that way. If you cannot go back or do not know how to view the archive, merely state this and somebody will help, I'm sure.
OK I'll go back to sleep now!


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