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Lol. What's that saying that old styles come back as new? Well we'll see. Love your analogy there. It does make sense as I see old new tech coming back and stubb better than ever.

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On 11 Feb 2019, at 9:03, Cristóbal wrote:

Everything old is new again. We’re going to end up using hieroglyphs or Aztec Pictograms again soon enough and folks are going to call them an innovative  breakthrough in modern communication or something…




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Emojis are nothing more than tiny images (drawn, not photos) that fit in line with text, taking up the equivalent of 1 to 2 (maybe 3) character places.

They originally had, as their intent, expressing emotions much as emoticons did and do.  However, the range has expanded to include so many that this can no longer be said to be the case.

Many are used as coded references to other things.  The infamous eggplant emoji being the most "commonly known" one.  Look it up.

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