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As I explain later in this message, I won't answer individual messages after this one, but I think this message deserves a response.
You have disliked me irrationally for a long time.  I am civil to you and you always attack me and start debates first.  You have made charges about my conduct.  You know how to look through the archives.  Shhow me examples, quotes of anything I've done that is as you describe, And isn't it interesting how you do exactly what you accuse me of.  It wasn't too long ago that you accused me of scolding list members, which I do not accept.  What did you do a day or two ago?  You wrote a message harshly criticizing, let's say the s word, scolding a list member and any list members in general who continue to use Internet Explorer.  Physician, heal thyself.  And, if you are going to make wild charges, back them up.  I'm tired of seeing charges from you and when I ask you to back them up, silence is the result.  Either back up what you say or don't say it. 
I don't want to get into a dragged out discussion about me on the list.  I answered your message because it so outrageous.  But I will now let people say what they want and not comment much.  I may have another comment after things continue for a day or two, but I won't respond to individual messages.  its time for those who have an opinion to speak if they wish.  But it isn't the time for me to respond again until I see what people have to say.

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On Mon, Feb 11, 2019 at 11:16 AM, Gene wrote:
And if I am removed, I'll still be a list member, annoying you in the same ways.
Not really.  Your behaviors, long before the outrageous last 24 hours, would have had you on moderated status, at a minimum on any forum on which I'm part of the moderating team.

Your actions over the last day would easily result in removal as moderator, and should.

You adamantly refuse to accept any feedback regarding how you consistently come across and are a frequent source of discord.  And, as usual, you'll deflect and attack that observation, too.  It's just sad.

And I have said the above in public and to the group owner privately on more than one occasion, without hesitation.

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