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Bhavya, you don't tell us which keyboard it is. Many keyboards have a
key combination to disable such behavior, ie, I remember having to
press the fn & esc keys simultaneously to disable that sort of
behavior on a Linovo laptop I once had. Unfortunately, these
keystrokes are not standardized, & the only way to see if the function
even exists &/or how to use it is to consult any manuals &/or online
documentation that may accompany your board.

On 2/11/19, Bhavya shah <bhavya.shah125@...> wrote:
Dear all,

I apologize for this not being strictly NVDA related, but more in
regards to adapting to a keyboard which poses unique challenges in the
issuance of NVDA key commands. I recently purchased an external
keyboard which was overall great value for money, apart from one
pestiferous problem.

To emulate the Home, End, Page Up and Page Down functions, I need to
press the Function (Fn) key in conjunction with the arrow keys. This
is not atypical for me as I need to do this even on my built in laptop
keyboard. However, on my laptop, I am absolutely used to pressing Ctrl
followed by Function followed by right arrow for Ctrl+Home, whereas on
this new external keyboard, I need to hold down Function first, and
then press keys like Ctrl and right arrow. This is getting
particularly problematic since my brain is wired to use the Function
key preceding an arrow key only when I want to select an entire line
or page as opposed to holding down Function first and foremost, and
then pressing things like NVDA modifier+Shift+right arrow to read the
status bar.

Is there any way - software settting or device setup or otherwise - by
which I can get this external keyboard to act similar to my laptop
keyboard, in that I need to press the Function key only before the
arrow keys or the key whose secondary function will be induced as
opposed to the first key in any multi-key combinaition?

I would greatly appreciate any assistance in this regard.


Best Regards
Bhavya Shah

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