Personal messages on this list

Antony Stone


Please could everyone ensure that their postings to this list are:

a) relevant to the subject line (if not, start a new thread or change the
subject line to reflect the change of direction of the discussion)

b) related to NVDA

c) meaningful to the group as a whole rather than just one individual.

Specifically, if what you intend to write is both about and directed at one
particular individual, then please send that message to them alone, and not to
the whole list.

If what you want to write is, let us say, not entirely complimentary about
that person, then I suggest in addition that you do not send the email
immediately, but wait a few hours to see whether your temper / mood / opinion
improve, and you perhaps find that it isn't a good idea to send the email at

In essence, personal ciriticism is neither welcome nor appropriate for this
list, and if a comment is not related to NVDA and its use, please consider
carefully whether you should be making it here at all.

Disclaimer: I am not a list admin, and the above is merely my own personal



A good conversation is like a miniskirt;
short enought to retain interest,
but long enough to cover the subject.

- Celeste Headlee

Please reply to the list;
please *don't* CC me.

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