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Please give examples of the terrible language I used in the last twenty-four hours.  Everyone is generalizing.  Everyone is saying I do this or that.  Twenty-four hours is one day ago.  If what I said is so terible, you should remember well enough to paraphrase it well. What did I say?  All I said was that if you assume something can't be done without asking on the list or consulting instructional material, you may have a lot of unnecessary problems.  I said this because someone made a number of statements about what Firefox can't do and those statements were wrong.  If he, or others, who assume that things can't be done because they haven't seen how to do them while looking at the program don't ask on lists or use instructional material because they assume these things can't be done, they may have a lot of problems because they don't use programs that would be to their advantage to use, perhaps to their significant advantage.  I didn't go into all that detail, but that was the meaning of what I said.  Show me what was wrong with that. 
I have said repeatedly in the past that if people write to me, I would discuss or consider what was said.  Not one person answered.  Now, people are making general statements and charges.  Not one example.  If you are frustrated, the thing to do is not to wait for months or more and finally unload at some point.  I can't address what no one brings up.  I can't respond to generalizations, you do this and that.  If people want me to change what I do, whether it is a valid criticism or not, I can't respond to generalizations.  I can respond to concrete examples, sent by people when something happens.  And the same on list.  When someone criticizes me on list, which is very seldom, it is usually not
If I say I think something is the best way in too many messages in a thread, I'll see if I see myself doing so in the future.  This is the first time this criticism has been made, not that I do so in a first message, but that I send too many messages discussing why I think my way of doing something is better.  It is simply not fair nor reasonable to say I am unwilling to consider changing something if I hear nothing.  The only criticism I've heard perhaps from one or two people over years is that I say my way is the only way to do things.  I never do.  This is a different criticism and is a specific thing I can see if I do in future or that someone can point out to me if I do. 

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Sorry, but this has nothing to do with you personally. At all.

What it has to do with is your lack of ability to understand where others are coming from, your lack of ability to change the way in which you come across.

Your actions in the last day have really spoken volumes. Your wording was horribly wrong (and dare I say even hurtful). It's as though you don't think before you send messages. As you say, there are a thousand people on this list with a thousand different levels of computer use. To give yet another example (and this is generally you on this list when someone is asking for help) you almost always assume that your way is the only way, that your method is the only method, that there is no other way in which to accomplish a task. So when someone comes up with a different method (that may be easier for some, but doesn't fit into your life), you find every available negative point to criticize that other method and continuously claim how yours is superior. It's frustrating beyond belief having someone continuously go on about how my method of doing something (for instance, creating a new folder), is wrong.

Again, this is not personal. We don't know you personally, we only know how you act on a mailing list. If you think that's personal, perhaps it's time to take a few steps back and stop moderating.

So there's my opinion. This were my mailing list you'd at the very least be on moderated status simply based on your actions of the last 24 hours.

On 2019-02-11 12:44 p.m., Gene wrote:
Again, doing what you accuse me of.  A message filled with nothing but invective, accusations, and attacks.  Not one substantive example.  Not one quote from one message.  And wild exageration.  This list has something like a thousand members.  Something like four people who don't like me for various reasons is hardly a multitude.  Please, either respond substantivbelie or stop the flames, which have no substance except your lothing of me. 
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On Mon, Feb 11, 2019 at 01:09 PM, Gene wrote:
You have disliked me irrationally for a long time.  I am civil to you and you always attack me and start debates first.
No, Gene, my dislike and that expressed by a multitude of others at this point is entirely rational and entirely based in your own behavior, which has now been very accurately and comprehensively characterized.

You will not take any constructive criticism and always insist on lashing out, in the most ugly way and at great length, at anyone who dares offer any.

This has nothing whatsoever to do with me, and everything, my dear, to do with you.

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