Re: Microsoft's Own Security Chief Says: STOP using Internet Explorer

Orlando Enrique Fiol

At 07:28 PM 2/10/2019, Brian Vogel wrote:
Oh, puhleeeze. There isn't a browser in existence that doesn't allow
you to set, and later edit your bookmark names. This is just common sense.
CTRL+SHIFT+O brings up the Chrome Bookmarks Manager and you can easily
change the current names assigned. Bringing up the context menu in
Bookmarks Manager when you're sitting on a bookmark gives Edit as the
first choice. You can set the name to anything you wish at creation
time right in the edit box presented and it's the first thing you land on.

That's all very good. But I want to edit the bookmark name before I save it, not afterward, since I won't be able to find my bookmark if I don't know what Chrome automatically named it.
Also, I'd like to move all my Internet Explorer favorites in Chrome from the Imported from IE directory to the root of wherever Chrome stores favorites. AI want all my favorites sorted into the directories I assigned them, not grouped by the browser from which they were imported.

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