Re: Intent of any post being misinterpreted

Ian Westerland

Hi Marcio. When I visited the link in your first email, I came across a whole series of numbers and wondered if my computer was faulty. Further down the page, there was the explanation that clarified it all quite well. I have since read Chris's email and realise that the emoji is a numeric/graphical representation. It's all so cleaver and creative.

Thank you for your emails.


Ian Westerland

On 2/12/2019 2:12 AM, marcio via Groups.Io wrote:
Actually this is an emoticon, which the article that I posted the link to right after one starts reading it states to not confuse with what's actually an emoji.
I still don't know how to explain what it is after all, so well..
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Em 11/02/2019 11:38, Chris Shook escreveu:
An Emoji is a face or figure made up of dots that conveys the mood of the email.
For example, Look below my signature and NVDA should tell you, Smiling Smiley.
Hpe this helps.


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