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I haven't used it enough to notice any problems and I don't intend to do a lot of spread sheets but it was really tgetting annoying every time I moved a cell it would read what am now assuming was the formula it made it rather hard to keep the brain focussed on what I was doing! haha

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My problem with Libra is that half the time it refuses to speak at all either in the menu it puts up about what you want to do or when you get a blank doc up. It needs me to move away and back to get the speech back again.

I'm sure this never used to be the case.
Still, I have other machines with older office on it and that still works, well works again now the new version has been fixed.
PS I'd love to know whose idea Microsoft uses for what is correct grammar, I always turned this off as it makes my texts sound like some kind of idiot wrote it.
I guess it cannot handle colloquialisms.
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If by "shut off the chatter" you mean to stop NVDA from speaking while you type, etc., you can use NVDA Key+S to toggle speech mode. I also use the No Beeps Speech Mode NVDA add-on so that I either have speech or silence, as there is a third feedback using beeps which I have no use for. The NVDA Key+S is a true on/off toggle for speech if you use that add-on, otherwise it is a cycling switch between, off, beep mode, and speech mode.

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