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On Mon, Feb 11, 2019 at 03:20 PM, Ian Westerland wrote:
Thank you Brian. It's really a visual language.
Entirely so, as far as I'm concerned.  And it's becoming more so as more and more and more of these things appear where you really cannot give a good, concise description of even the emoji itself, let alone what it should be taken to mean.

Some are really obvious, and those are the early ones that were essentially pictographic versions of emoticons.  

All I can say to anyone who's blind (and it applies to me, too, even though I can see) is get into an emoji keyboard and listen to what the screen reader tells you you're on, which is the name given to the emoji.  Now try to picture where some of them would ever fit in such a way as to convey meaning.

For me, most emojis are no different than the cyber equivalent of the decorative stickers that little kids put on anything they're allowed to stick 'em on.

Mind you, some take on a coded meaning of their own that is not in any way directly related to what's represented by the emoji at face value, but those are not the majority.

I personally loathe the things, and always have.  I also use emoticons exceedingly sparingly, as I feel they're very seldom necessary.

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