Re: Microsoft's Own Security Chief Says: STOP using Internet Explorer


Are you assuming you can't change the name because Chrome says bookmark added before you edit anything?  I seldom add new bookmarks in Chrome but I experimented.  If I use control d to add one, Chrome says bookmark added but I am still on the edit field where I can change the name.  It wasn't announced as an edit field for some reason with NVDA.  I don't know what other screen-readers would do.  I tried typing and I was able to change the name as in any standard edit field. 
That's an example of looking around an not assuming what your screen-reader says is always relevant.  Somewhere, Chrome says bookmark added but that is misleading and it hasn't been actually saved yet.  If something seems wrong, look around.
As far as finding a book mark after you save it even if you don't know the name, if you know what folder it is saved in, it is the first bookmark at the end of the list.  If you are in the list and up arrow, it will be the first one.  I don't work enough with book marks in Chrome to discuss specifying a folder much but I can tell you a little if you want to know.
I can't answer the other questions about how to move all bookmarks to one folder, etc.  But creating bookmarks in Chrome is similar to doing so in other browsers.

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At 07:28 PM 2/10/2019, Brian Vogel wrote:
 >Oh, puhleeeze.  There isn't a browser in existence that doesn't allow
 >you to set, and later edit your bookmark names.  This is just common sense.
 >CTRL+SHIFT+O brings up the Chrome Bookmarks Manager and you can easily
 >change the current names assigned.  Bringing up the context menu in
 >Bookmarks Manager when you're sitting on a bookmark gives Edit as the
 >first choice.  You can set the name to anything you wish at creation
 >time right in the edit box presented and it's the first thing you land on.

That's all very good. But I want to edit the
bookmark name before I save it, not afterward,
since I won't be able to find my bookmark if I
don't know what Chrome automatically named it.
Also, I'd like to move all my Internet Explorer
favorites in Chrome from the Imported from IE
directory to the root of wherever Chrome stores
favorites. AI want all my favorites sorted into
the directories I assigned them, not grouped by
the browser from which they were imported.

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