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Rosemarie Chavarria

Hi, Gene,

I wasn't using a script blocker to answer your question. Anyway, my sister
filled it out for me already.


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I simply went to the page, pressed b to move to the nexxt button, and was
immediately taken to the submit button. I didn't experiment with the page
otherwise. The person says she can't find the button. We don't know enough
to speculate much as to whether there is some odd and probably unusual
problem with the page on the computer being used. I would consider it
unlikely. I already asked the person with the problem to do a very specific
thing to find out if scripts are being blocked. My question has not been
answered. It is important to answer this specific question.

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Well, I notice that I can tab to the submit button, though did not try to
press it as I was just interested in the way the page was set up. It seems
you have to force focus/forms mode several times in the page and its very
easy to miss a field when this is being done. I did not hear it say that a
field had to be filled in, as is usual by a star against it. as if you miss
a mandatory field, normally the submit button won't operate and it throws
you back into the form, but as I say, I never tried this.
It could be as simple as it skipped a field it needed to have filled in.

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Hi, everyone,

Here's the link for the survey I was trying to fill out.


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