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It's a browser that connects to a remote server, sending information to you from that server.  it makes what sites you go to much harder for people to trace if they want to see where you browse.  For example, if you want to look at a specific site, the Tor (spelling) browser doesn't connect to it using your Internet company.  It uses your Internet company to connect to a Tor server.  The Tor server then connects to the site you want and sends the information to you.  This also helps people in countries where there is Internet censorship connect with sites that are blocked by the country.
The Tor browser is also used to connect to sites on the Dark Web, but I don't know technically why you can connect with that browser and not with other ones.

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From: Dan Beaver
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Subject: Re: [nvda] latest accessible version of tor browser?

Sorry for butting in but what is theTOR browser?  I haven't heard of it.  How does it compare to Chrome and Firefox with NVDA?



On 2/11/2019 4:23 PM, Gene wrote:
I believe I have it.  If no one else sends a link, I'll check.  If I do, I'll send it to my Dropbox account and send you a link.
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Subject: [nvda] latest accessible version of tor browser?

can any one send me the latest version of tor browser that works with nvda?



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