Re: link for Hadley survey

Rosemarie Chavarria

Hi, Brian,

I went in and out of browse mode to fill out the fields but even that didn't
work. I don't have this problem on the Safeway site where I do my grocery
shopping. I'm convinced now that it's the survey monkey site because the man
at the Hadley help desk confirmed it for me.


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Well, I notice that I can tab to the submit button, though did not try to
press it as I was just interested in the way the page was set up. It seems
you have to force focus/forms mode several times in the page and its very
easy to miss a field when this is being done. I did not hear it say that a
field had to be filled in, as is usual by a star against it. as if you miss
a mandatory field, normally the submit button won't operate and it throws
you back into the form, but as I say, I never tried this.
It could be as simple as it skipped a field it needed to have filled in.

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Subject: [nvda] link for Hadley survey

Hi, everyone,

Here's the link for the survey I was trying to fill out.


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