why i love NVDA

molly the blind tech lover

Hey guys, Molly here.

In light of the recent arguments on this list, I feel the need to write something positive.



When I think about NVDA I like to think of how it has opened my eyes to a whole new world. Before I started using NVDA I was locked out of all kinds of opportunities. I couldn’t imagine being able to get a job or go to college.  I wanted to do something with my life. So when I got a computer and discovered NVDA my life changed for the better. Because NVDA I now have access to an education. I can make friends on facebook, and use twitter. I can read the news and do just about anything on a computer my sighted friends can do. NVDA opens so many doors for millions of people.I feel so proud to be an NVDA user  😊 I now see a future filled with wonderfulpossibilities.  

I can never express enough to the NVDA developers and contributors how much NVDA has enriched my life. 😂

Thank you guys so so much.



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