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Yes indeed this was why I was in two minds which noun to use to describe them in my original post.
Somebody told me the other day they have encountered some weird ones like fire engines and pictures of a sandwich with a bite missing.
I wonder what people will think some years on about such things. I pity the poor person adding them to nvda and having to come up with a description for them.

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Hey Travis, thanks for sharing this! Also, thanks for sharing about your great and proactive family! It is encouragement for everyone.

One thing that I have also noticed about some emoji and the descriptors that are attached to them is that some of the actual visuals do not quite match what has been associated with them for us screen-reader users. One example is the emoji that we hear as "face with tears of joy" because sighted people describe it as a laughing face. Maybe Brian V. can comment?

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Subject: Re: [nvda] Intent of any post being misinterpreted
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An emoji (from what my kids have described, and even
built out of
clay) is generally a round frame containing one or
more objects
inside of it. A lot of them are faces, such as
smiling, frowning,
surprised, and so on), but many of them are just
normal objects as
well, peppers, egg plants, (which the teens use to
represent male
anatomy), and other normal everyday items. There are
emojis for
darned near anything you'd ever want to
communicate, which is why
so many folks use them. My daughter is especially
good at
creating emojis out of clay, and for a while, I had
several of
them on my desk, though it was a bit tough to tell
which ones were
which, since the faces were very similar.

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Actually this is an emoticon, which the article that I
posted the
link to right after one starts reading it states to
not confuse
with what's actually an emoji.

I still
don't know how to explain what
it is after all, so well..



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11/02/2019 11:38, Chris Shook

Emoji is a face or figure made up of dots that
conveys the mood
of the email.

For example, Look below my signature and NVDA should
tell you,
Smiling Smiley.

Hpe this helps.




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