locked Re: NVDA and tablets


Yeah I know right?

My system with its imbedded graphics is described as an entertainment/gaming laptop.

But bar the second drive, extra ram, and better speakers, cpu etc, and amd all the way through, its the size of the 15.6 ultrabook I use in another location.

Its a little heavier and has a few upgraded ports but its basically the same.
There is little difference in weight if you lift either unit up.

In reviews online, it was described as not a good gaming unit due to imbedded graphics but thats its good for a workstation.

It has its limits, I can actually make it cry if I push enough data through it at once, but rarely do I need to do that and it just runs otherwise.

during some maintanance tasks it does slow down and act like its used all its power but only for a second or 2 then its fine.

On 13/02/2019 8:04 AM, Chris Shook wrote:
The weird thing is on the box it said notebook, but it's really ust a slightly smaller thinner laptop. Don't see how it qualifies as a notebook with it has a diskdrive.

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