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Well Chrome works well with nvda, but not tried it with google apps, one might imagine it should work well. Firefox won't but then neither does ie.

I'm not sure about google as an answer here. They do seem to go their own quirky way with their online applications. I have a very short temper and it rose once too often for my health, so google back up sheets and the rest went to the great recycle bin in the sky as far too irritating. Even broke the flash irritation level for me, which is hard to do.

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I have a question, but I don't know, that It is because of NVDA. Maybe yes.

I would like to use Google sheets, because I'll need It to new work. Problem is, that very often Firefox fails. Do You know this fail notification.

I have a question. Have You similar problems with It?

I have tried to use Google Chrome, but It isn't possible with NVDA and Jaws is difficult to use, I think new versions.

Thank You for Your help.

Marco Oros

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