locked Re: NVDA and tablets



Well I can make it go so slow that afterwards its unstable, I don't usually copy and delete 30-60 gb a time though but I can actually make it break if I want to.

Which is interesting because if I run some of my processer intensive games and voices, I can make the fans race but it seems to own everything I throw at it.

Saying that it struggled with a disk clean and an email and net window so maybe its to do with data movement on the drives to who knows.

Due to upgrades in the house I have had it lounging round on a desk with just a keyboard on it and it seems fine enough

Actually it was a bpadded dining table.

One thing I will say for this as compaired to just about every workstation I have had is its quiet even with 2 drives.

True if I am in my bedroom office I can hear the second drive power up on startup and turn off but I hardly hear much else the drives are all quiet.

On 13/02/2019 8:18 AM, Chris Shook wrote:
You can make it cry? Sounds like something Microsoft might want to see. Sounds like they've made better strides into Artificial intelegence than even they knew.

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