Re: Firefox fails with Google spread sheets


Yeah I get that sort of thing from time to time, starting to suspect its the net in general.

If I want something fast, the morning to mid afternoon is good.

At night, then I try to do little things but not big things.

I am certain that a lot of people game at night here in new zealand so.

In the weekends after the morning the everything can get quite slow to.

Now its summer so its not a big drain, but in winter, thats when you really notice how overloaded the net has become.

I share the wireless space with about 3 other networks most of the time, technically its 6 but 2 of those are mine.

At nights and in the weekends its like 10 or so sometimes more, but its just on the end where I could get a little annoyed about it all.

However I figure as long as I process everything I need to do in the morning and thats quite easy these days, then it doesn't really matter.

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I got the server at  whatever with google in it, cannot be found try again, you do so and it limps into existence and acts like its loaded with treacle.

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Do You know this fail notification.
What failure message, exactly?


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