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Well the reason why I love NVDA is because it has a cocmunity feel to it. Places like this list where you have the opportunity to talk to people behind the prroject and support each other, and you can get information directly from addon developpers puts other more expensive screen readers to shame, I am so proud to be able to spread the word about NVDA and break the misconception that just because something is free doesn't make it bad, in fact, it is putting technology into the hands of more people, especially those who would otherwise struggle to get access to it.

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NVDA works well with blackboard on my school's website. Blackboard's
accessibility has gotten better so it's easier to use a screen reader.

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I'm just glad they made NVDA work with the Kindle app a few years back.
Before I got my iPad that was the only way I could read Kindle books.

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