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When you use browse mode, you are not using a real cursor.  You are not working directly with the web page  you are working with a reformated version of the page.  I don't know if there is any way to synchronize where you seem to be on screen and where NVDA announces you are.  I don't even know if there is supposed to be any sort of actual synchronization between where the screen shows you to be and where NVDA announces you are.  Others who know more may wish to address this.  Just because browse mode tells you you are at X or Y place on the web page, that doesn't necessarily mean that on the actual web page, that's where you will be shown to be as a sighted user.  The reformated web page you hear in the browse mode buffer isn't even formatted in the same way.  All the links you see at the top of a web page when you use browse mode may actually be a list of links running down the left site of the real web page. 
You may then see other content after that using browse mode.  The real web page may display the same content but to the right of the block of links running down the left side of the page. 
This can't be read in logical order so your browser reformats the page. 
Some pages do better at knowing where you actually are, some don't  But you are not working with the real web page and there may or may not be good synchronization.  I never rely on a sighted person telling me where something is.  It's irrelevant.  They might tell me something is in the middle of a bar of links on the right side of a page.  To me, that may really be near the bottom of the web page, as it is shown to me. 
The order of a lot of web pages as a blind person sees it is roughly this:
Links at the top, other content below, links at the bottom.
For a sighted person, the page appears roughly as:
A bar of links running down the left, other content to the right, then a bar of links to the right.
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It's just that NVDA seems to read far from where is visible and I don't get why it doesn't all stay together. LOL. If it tells me I'm on one you tube link and I'm really on another it's a pain. Not sure the box will help with t hat, but if it helps my husband it's cool. We'll just have to try it out and see. Thanks to all. It's not usually an article so much as a website with pictures. If we're looking at a dragon or gargoyle pendant or whatever, I can only get so much from the description people put up on sites so if it sounds cool I want him to look at it to see if we want it because he knows the style I like and he likes the same so yeah...but like I wanted to show him a gargoyle pendant and he was seeing like five pendants above where i was so yeah we'll try this out and see how it works.
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