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Adriani Botez

Hey Lali,

it is great that you want to take this responsibility and contribute to this
project. If you want to contribute to the core of NVDA, I suggest you to
read the devlearning forum first. This is a forum started by Joseph Lee
where you can learn Python 2 and differences to Python 3. The treats contain
lections which show you how to interpret NVDA's code from a pythonic
perspective. You can subscribe to that group here:

This is important because NVDA is still written in Python 2.7. But it is
planed to port it to python 3 during this and next year. If you are
contributing, I suggest to write your code in such a way that is compatible
with both Python 2.7 and 3.

You could also read the addon development guide here:

And in case you want to start writing an addon, which is quite nice if you
want to test your capabilities, then you get answers on all your questions
on the addons mail list. You can subscribe to that list here:

If you really want to raise pull requests agains NVDA's core, then I suggest
you to start solving issues which are labeled as "GoodForNewDev". You can
find those issues here:

So, I think you should decide first if you want to start with an addon or if
you want to contribute to the core directly.

Hope this helps.


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Dear all!

    I have read developer guide, cloned github nvda, what could I help to
coding NVDA? I know python3, and can a bit python2.


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