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Hi Bhavya,

When you paste something into word, by default it keeps its original style, which, if you're copying something from one part of a document to another, is almost certainly what you want.  If you are copying from a web page or somewhere else you might want to convert to plain text or something else.

In any case, when you paste something, a little hover icon thing appears and if you press CONTROL, that expands and you can choose the pasting style you want (the most common one I tend to use is control, then t (note you can't do it as one keystroke, you need to press control, let go then press t) to paste as plain text.

So yes, if the next thing you do after pasting is something that involves control, it looks like that gets grabbed by the paste options.

I don't have Word 2010 in front of me just at the minute, but in Word 2016 at least, if you go into options then "advanced" there is a cut and paste section and one of the options (it's alt+o but might be safer to tab to it just in case) is "Show paste options button when content is pasted".  If you uncheck that, you won't get that control issue.

If you do that, you can still get to the extra paste options by going to the paste option in the ribbon.

Kind regards


On Sat, Jun 18, 2016 at 7:04 PM, Bhavya shah <bhavya.shah125@...> wrote:
Dear all,
In Microsoft Word 2010, one of the most annoying problems I am facing
is the constant reminder to choose the pasting style whenever I paste
something from a part of the document to another. If I arrow around,
then this doesn't appear, but only when I Ctrl + up/down arrow to
navigate by paragraphs.
I tried choosing default paste this time form the two options given
but in the Advanced Word Settings dialog it popped up too, I found all
types of pasting situations having already set default pasting
This gets very cumbersome when I need to navigate often by the pasted
section of text, as this pasting menu suddenly appears and obstructs
my path temporarily.
I would sincerely appreciate any assistance.

Warm Regards
Bhavya Shah
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