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It isn't a question of whether it works.  A group like NVDA users benefits from a sense of community.  Being on a list and never discussing anything else except for questions and answers regarding NVDA doesn't build any community support nor any sense of anyone on the list being anything but a complete stranger.  There may be some lists where strict limits as to staying on topic are desirable, not this one.  Flames shouldn't be allowed.  I'm just commenting on the benefits, that may not be obvious, to allowing other topics to be discussed to an extent.  I'm not speaking for the owner.  Those are my views and I think not being overly strict benefits the community of members.

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If I were running the list you all would hate me.

1 don't stay off topic, ever.
2 no flaming.
3. If you do stray or flame you will be giving 3 strikes and you will be kicked out for good.

That's how I run all of my lists and trust me, it works.

Take care

On 12 Feb 2019, at 14:33, Chris Shook wrote:

My apologies as well.
I'll try and stay on topic in the future.

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