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molly the blind tech lover

Thanks so much for this.

I’ll play around with it. But I think we’re supposed to end this thread  😨


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Let's see if I can help you out.
P.S.: What follows is a bit long, sorry about it, just wanted to make things as clearer as I could.

First, go to the NVDA Menu.
Being there, search for input gesture, by arrowing up and down.

Now, there's 2 ways of doing the thing work.
I'll talk about the easier first then I'll show the harder, so you can play with it as you wish.
Being on the input gestures window, tab until the field "filter by". Here you will type "screen curtain" (without quotes).
After you've typed it, don't press enter, press tab.
You should hear "tools".
Arrow down once and you'll have almost finished.
Press tab until the "add" button, then press space.
Right after you press space on it, you should enter with the keystroke you want to be the one to turn the screen curtain on/off.
When you've done it, choose in which layout you want to use this command (desktop, laptop or both) then press enter on the option you chose.
Done, you've created the keystroke to use the add-on!

Now, talking about the second way.
The input gesture window itself is a bit cluttered but let's try not to complicate things here.
Right after being in the input gestures window, press tab.
Arrow down til "tools" and press enter.
Right arrow to expand it, then arrow down until "toggles screen curtain on or off".
After you find it, you can just follow up from the "add" button described on the first way explanation.

Sincerely, hope this helps :)

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Em 12/02/2019 23:24, molly the blind tech lover escreveu:

I installed screen curtain, guys. I have no idea how to use it lol. ,
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Thanks for the link. As an aside, does anyone else use the laptop keyboard
That is so much easier than the desktop layout.


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