Your First NVDA App Module: Session 0 posted, session 1 to be held on June 25, 2016 at NVDACon Korea TT server


Hi everyone,


Session 0 (overview) from Your First NVDA App Module course is now available:


Also, session 1 (app module introduction) will be held on June 25, 2016 at 11 AM Pacific (18:00 UTC) at NVDACon Korea TeamTalk Server ( You need TT5 (be sure to install TT5 Classic client) and enter the following server information:


·         URL:

·         TCP: 10333

·         UDP: 10333

·         No username or password required.

·         Channel will be root (nvdachat).


If you are interested in learning to write app modules, please think about an app you feel an app module could be useful by session 1. For those who’d like to use this opportunity as a stepping stone for contributing to NVDA Core development, please checkout NVDA source code (git clone –recursive as we’ll be using app modules in there as examples. For people not interested in coding, don’t worry – a backstage tour will be provided to show you how app modules work behind the scenes. For those who cannot make it, audio recordings of each session will be provided shortly after the session ends.


P.S. If you know anyone in your language community who’d like to write app modules, please feel free to invite them. Also, other app module experts are more than welcome to chime in their expertise during course sessions.


See you on June 25th.



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