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Hello Greg,


now, bare in mind I am not a web developer wiz myself.


However, the first thing that came to mind, have you tested the link with other browsers?


I see the descriptions reliably with Firefox 60.3 ESR and Google Chrome 72.0.3, the system is a Win 10 64 Bit.  


You might want to look into your website building tool of choice to find the answer to this issue.


Thanks and kind regards,









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Betreff: [nvda] Accessibility tips on this website would be appreciated


I am a photographer / content creator that specializes in panoramic imagery like you would find on Google Street View.  I use NVDA to test the accessibility of my projects.  Generally, these projects are based on a straight line array of thumbnails which each contain a tooltip giving a basic name for the corresponding panorama.  Sometimes, there is a combobox that lists categories or areas each, in turn, have there own array of panoramas....and thumbnails associated with them.  I am using Chrome 72.0 and Firefox 65.0 on a 64 bit Windows 7 machine....and, Microsoft Edge 44.177 on a 64 Bit Windows 10 Machine to test this link:  This is a virtual tour of DeGray Lake in Arkansas.
To be honest, there appears to be virtually no accessibility in this project most of the time.  But for some reason, sometimes the page will load and NVDA will first read the Combobox List, and then proceed to name all of the 150 or so thumbnail titles. It seems like that could be a good start to achieving some standard of accessibility, but I don't understand why it only does it every once in awhile.

I would be grateful for any feedback that anyone could give on how to improve the accessibility of this project and I would be even more grateful for information on how to tweak NVDA to get the best results.  For example, if I alternate between using the tab key and doing 1 mouse click in the screen, I can move one by one through the thumbnails which are all selectable.  Then, If I could get NVDA to read the tooltip associated with each thumbnail....I feel that I will have made some progress.  Any advice would be appreciated.

Cheers, Reggie
Greg Hosler



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