Re: NVDA Chat Subgroup - It may now have a purpose!

Dale Leavens

The trouble with selectively muting a subject is one might well miss something of significance in a subject, something important.

There is a hand full of listers generating a lot of the static.  Messages with “hahahahaha” or little more than smiley faces dripping heart shaped tears and proclaiming what they love or agree with etc.  

I would not be a liked moderator because I would warn once then shift such messagers to the chat list.  I appreciate some are probably very young and lacking healthy social lives but nothing will kill interest in NVDA as a product quicker than an unhelpful support e-mail list.

Stamping on a tablet to destroy it is not informative to the use or function of NVDA.

Neither is it necessary to reply to each and every posted message without anything to add.

Responses like “I don’t know” only shows disrespect to the 500 list members and their time.regardless of the “sad face with squinting eyes”!


Dale Leavens

On Feb 13, 2019, at 9:15 AM, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:

On Wed, Feb 13, 2019 at 03:48 AM, Brian's Mail list account wrote:
As has been said here before efficient use of the software allows one to be picky on what they see so to speak without making others have to change their habits too much or in having to have sub groups which merely complicate the situation for the normal user.
This is true, and I have been one of the major proponents of same, having posted the following many times:

               Controlling the Messages You Receive via E-Mail from


That being said, other than the occasional side loops which are characteristic of any group, this is not a chat group.  Individuals treating it as if it's a private text messaging venue is not acceptable even if other members can mute topics, because the behavior is untenable to begin with.

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