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Chris, I'm not blind....and so I am very inexperienced with NVDA. but most of my work is done for governments (in the U.S.).....and no two of them adhere to the same standard for the accessibility of their content.  I deal with marketing directors and most of them have no idea what a screenreader is or does....but they have may have been told that if you can tab through the project, then it should be OK.  Let me explain further.  The panoramas that I shoot are the same specialized type of photography that is found on Google Street View.  If you can imagine a sphere or a ball....and being inside the sphere in a chair with the photo of everything around you shown pictorially on the curved wall of the sphere while you push the sphere around with your mouse, you will appreciate the nature of the accessibility problem.  To be sure, the more detailed the description of each panoramic scene, the better I'm sure.  So, having said that, I would be interested in getting opinion from this forum regarding the accessibility of Google Street View. 

My problem is, that when I am doing sales, I might actually only get 2 out of 10 people that I call to look at my stuff.  And I know for a fact that some those that do, are using their tab key as a test...and if it doesn't jump to all of the elements on the page, they will disqualify me and I will never talk with them again.  That is why I asked about Google Street View.  When test it using NVDA....and I get into the Photos or Street View Section, I can only get NVDA to speak "photo 1, photo 2, photo 3, etc.)  In some cases they have better captions then that, but I don't know how to manipulate NVDA to get to them.  Thank you for your response!
Greg Hosler



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