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Kenny Dog <hurrikennyandopo@...>


I just tried it both ways.

It did not seem to mind if both were done at the same time or if one was
done just after. If the second choice was done I still held down the
capslock key and while still holding it down hit the say letter N to
take me into the nvda preferences menu. the machine here is a quick one
so do not know if that matters or not. I do not think so.

The NVDA key + the space bar to change between focus mode and browse
mode will work say on the web pages and also in microsoft word that I
have noticed.

Gene nz

On 18/06/2016 6:05 PM, Semirhage wrote:
Thanks,Jene. So capss lock then space. Do I release caps lock then
space or just press caps lock first then hold it while spacing? I
guess little things like that may matter LOL. I actually got it to
work once last night after writing this, and it gave the nice clicking
sound and I was all happy but it was mainly luck. LOL.
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