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I don't know anything about how Internet Explorer or the other browsers work with what you want to do.  I'm just saying in general that to try another browser in general might benefit you.
Others may have specific comments about whether this or that browser works better with this or that web site activiby, such as what you are asking about.  If you just ask list members in general which browser they like most among the three you are discussing they will probably tell you they like Firefox in general.  But I consider trying another browser as a way to. I hope, help you lose your fear of change.  That, to me, is as or more important than what you actually want to do.

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So it seems between Chrome and fire fox then. Kinda nervous about both but I've got to jump in and work with one. Do you guys have preferences? I heard fire fox is better with messengers, but I want to work with blogs first I think.
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