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Brad Snyder

Hal got its name from the talking diabolical robot in the movie 2001: A Space Oddity.
The accompanying screen magnification product was called Lunar.  It was similar to ZoomText, in that it was available in both magnification only and magnification with speech.
The original SuperNova product was Hal bundled with the Lunar screen magnification product.  This is similar to Vispero’s current Fusion product.

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Just for info even though non-NVDA related…Dolphin were founded in the mid-80’s to further the development of the HAL screenreader primarily – the forerunner of Supernova.  HAL was very popular in those early days when there were very few packages around but it started to lose influence once the likes of Vocal-Eyes and JAWS for DOS gained market share.  When Supernova eventually came along, although it was very good at what it did with certain software, it did not have the flexibility of other packages.
Richard Bartholomew
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Hi, Brad,
For years now I thought Dolphin was a screen reader. Thanks for the correction.
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Dolphin is not a screen reader, rather it is a company in the U.K. that markets several access technology software products.  Their primary product is the SuperNova Access Suite, which includes a screen reader and screen magnification product.
Dolphin is pretty big in Europe, but not so widely used in the United States, though they have been around for a while.

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This piece of screen reading package is common in European countries. they're located in England. 

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I've never heard of dolphin before lol. 

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Dolpin is a screen reader. If your ranking screen readers it is usually
ranked as third.
I don't know mch about it besides it's supposedly not as good as job and
that it is commercial so you have to buy it.


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