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Ian Westerland

Just to provide a little more information, Dolphin produced some synthesizers that claimed to be very close to a real human voice--Apollo and Apollo 2. The first Apollo was a desk top synthesizer and the Apollo 2 is a software model.

From memory, there was a Dolphin Synthesizer as well but I can't remember too many details.

We have come such a long way with speach access and, yes, my Screen reader of choice is NVDA latest version. I wouldn't be without it.

Ian Westerland

On 2/14/2019 10:10 AM, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:
Hi, Brad,
For years now I thought Dolphin was a screen reader. Thanks for the correction.
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Dolphin is not a screen reader, rather it is a company in the U.K. that markets several access technology software products.  Their primary product is the SuperNova Access Suite, which includes a screen reader and screen magnification product.
Dolphin is pretty big in Europe, but not so widely used in the United States, though they have been around for a while.
/- Brad -/
On Feb 13, 2019, at 17:04, Michael Munn < <>> wrote:
This piece of screen reading package is common in European countries. they're located in England.
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On Wed, Feb 13, 2019 at 9:45 AM molly the blind tech lover < <>> wrote:
I've never heard of dolphin before lol.
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Dolpin is a screen reader. If your ranking screen readers it is usually
ranked as third.
I don't know mch about it besides it's supposedly not as good as job and
that it is commercial so you have to buy it.

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