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Quentin Christensen

It is definitely worth having a couple of browsers available.  While most people have a preference, everyone now and then, you may come across a website which just doesn't work with that browser for some reason.

As others have noted, NVDA works very well with Firefox, and still works very well with Internet Explorer.  Microsoft have said that they will keep the latest version of Internet Explorer up to date at least with security patches etc, although most people would assume that the lions share of development and new features will be directed to Edge.  IE is still included with Windows 10 for those on that platform, it's just not widely advertised by Microsoft - open the start menu and start typing Internet and you should find it first or second in the results.

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On Sun, Jun 19, 2016 at 2:51 PM, Semirhage <severus13@...> wrote:
So it seems between Chrome and fire fox then. Kinda nervous about both but I've got to jump in and work with one. Do you guys have preferences? I heard fire fox is better with messengers, but I want to work with blogs first I think.
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