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It sounds then, if I read you right that in the case of jaws, it knows there will be a performance hit, and takes it ones and caches the result so it does not need to recalculate the situation every time you move the focus it simply moves it in the cache. But one supposes that if you alter something it would need to write that, and re read the situation then. My feeling is that these delays are the sluggish UIA that Microsoft use.
I have to say I do not use that software for anything that challenging so probably never notice!

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Hi friends.
I already sent my thoughts to But I decided to post it here just in case some one can examine it too.
I have a worksheet where the navigation is slow with nvda.
When I examined it with jaws, it identified the column headers as dropdown lists whereas nvda only read the text.
Nevertheless, if I go to the column header cell with nvda and press alt + downarrow, it reads the options to filter and sort the lines.
When I open another worksheet, this time only with simple columns, the navigation with nvda goes with normal speed.
So my conclusion is thath the sluggishness is related with the resource that allows the dropdown lists. It sounds like in every arrowkey press, nvda is requesting excel to redo the filter or sort.
Jaws does it once because, when I change the focus to the worksheet, it says “please wait” and a second laer I can navigate with normal speed.
I know that I can’t put attachments to the list. So, if some one want the example worksheet to test, please e-mail me.


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