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Its a citation like a whale.. Oh, you mean in the sense of access? they are originally a UK company who make screenreaders. Indeed they used to be leaders, but have very much fallen behind since windows 10 came out in my view.

The do make a free app for mobile phones though for books etc, which has been gaining a lot of friends called Easyreader. Of course as its free they are not going to make much from it.

In my view they simply lost the plot when they bought Guide and put a lot of resources into a dumbed down self voicing windows suite that they thought every pensioner would buy, but didn't.
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What is dolphin?

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Small message to all users of dolphin stuff, email support and tell them to hurry up with using modern brousers or something.

Yeah dolphin seem to be slowly crawling towards modern brousers.

If you are a dolphin user, ie is the best brouser to use,.

Its the only brouser to use.

This is utterly disgusting and is pritty much an insult to all users because everyone else has caught up.

I don't care to bash, but here I am a user mostly past but still a user bashing dolphin because they have been slow for like ages, and ie is basically on the way out.

You really wander if dolphin have a death wish everyone has jumpped ship allready.

Now, pass this to whoever gives a damn.

And another thing, don't discuss any of this on here, I don't want to generate a thread on this or anything this is just a notification to users to ask dolphin nicely to use something like chromium at least is all if its only 1 brouser they can take.

If they can handle chrome and chromeum, fire and waterfox, etc then maybe.

To be honest we shouldn't be asking our what is usually or has been for ages a reasonable reader company to move their collective but but its like been over 10 years and I think ie8 has been the last version we can use, maybe we can use 11 now but still its been like that for ages.

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