Re: NVDA and outlook, discussion about columns in message list

Tony Malykh

Hi Brian,

Thank you for your response. I am using Outlook 16 as well.

Actually, I was playing with Outlook more, and I have one more question for you. Is there a way to stop threads from auto expanding when you arrow down or up through them? This was I believe the most annoying feature that I couldn't turn off by myself. Because if all the threads auto-expand on you, it kind of defies the whole purpose of collapsing them in the first place.

It's good to know about two-step expand, I will keep it in mind. As for conversation settings menu, I believe I was  aware of it, still I couldn't configure Outlook to my liking - see my point above.



On 2/13/2019 2:19 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

            In regard to your biggest complaint, I may have an answer, or something that can help.  Outlook 2016, in default mode, has a 2-step expand for a conversation when it's collapsed, and it's meant to be a convenience but I can see how it might not be.  If you're on a collapsed conversation and right arrow once to expand it, the first level expansion will only show messages in the conversation that originated from a sender or senders other than you.  Your own responses are not included in level one expansion.  If you hit right arrow twice, the conversation is fully expanded with your own responses (which are actually in the Sent folder) shown embedded in their correct place(s) in the conversation.  In level two (full) expansion up and down arrows behave as you think they should.

             You may also find that tweaking the Conversation Settings may get you the results you wish, but I'm not sure what combination would suit you best.  That's for you to play with.  To change conversation view:
  1. ALT+V,CS   (View Ribbon, Conversation Settings)
  2. There are 4 options under here, each of which is a toggle, and I'll give the letter you'd hit to change the state (and the default state):
                    S Show messages from other folders [and see my note above about level 2 expansion]   Default:  ON
                    A Show senders above the subject     Default:  ON
                    X Always expand selected conversation    Default OFF    Note well - it's a selected conversation, not one you happen to be arrowing up or down over
                    I  Use classic indented view


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