Re: is there a way to label unlabeled buttons using NVDA?

hurrikennyandopo ...


No there is not at present.

A few years back I was sure some one made one but was not in a add on format and after time it disappeared. this was before the time of the add on page now.

May be the nearest one would be the golden cursor.

That add on lets you drive the mouse with your arrow keys with 2 others. But there is a thing in it called hot points I think it is called.

If i remember right you move the mouse to the area that is not labled do a new label then save it. It will then say the name of what ever it is.

But you say for a example in my old scanner program I could not tab to any of those buttons that would do certain things with the scanner. I would bring up the list of say that were labeled in that scanner program pick one of them and then it would route the mouse to that area and then i would activate it for it say to scan etc depending what it done.

But at that time you need a sighted person to do that.

It would do it for that program but you could do it for others

Not sure if it would let you do that in your game?

I know on my android phone it will let me llabel stuff but i am swiping not tabbing to those areas like in windows.

Give it a whirl it might do the job for you.

I know there is a ticket so it can label stuff but do not think i have seen any one touch it lately.

Gene nz

On 15/02/2019 4:21 AM, molly the blind tech lover wrote:

Hey guys, molly here again.

Is there a way to label unlabeled buttons with NVDA? I downloaded an app and when I swipe using the touchscreen or navigate with the keyboard NVDA just says button, button.the app is a collection of text adventure games.  and while the game’s are accessible, the titles of the games in the games library  aren’t labeled.

Any help will be greatly appreciated 😊




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