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To be honest, flash is due to die.

Its old and unsafe and while I do load it on all the systems adobe is slating 2020 for its death.

Not sure when, but 2020 is when its supposed to be no more.

I guess we will know when it stops being supported when we get no more windows 10 updates for it, but html5 is the standard now.

I havn't seen many sites with pure flash.

Now, if you are a developer and want to still use flash, the recomended action is to use air which is flash html5, javascript java and a whole lot of extra stuff in a wrapper.

You can make websites but also compiled projects.

There is also flex in there to.

Air seems to be the standard adobe is pushing right now.

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Basically then, if Flash is at all involved you are probably sunk.
The guy may be a genius, but I certainly think you might need to consider a simpler system for access users.
I've come across this sort of thing many times where there is no equivalent accessible way to  interact with the graphic content.


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Hmmm. Jackie....I'm glad that you can see all that. The development program I'm using is called KR Pano and it was created by this guy in Austria named Klaus Reinfeld....who I think is a genius. It is based on his own javascript recipe with a flash fallback for machines with older graphics cards. It uses a unique type of .xml programming to incorporate all of this other content into the youtube videos, still image galleries, straight line video, etc. All of that extra stuff is cool....but it really complicates the screen reader accessibility because the screen reader focuses on the skin....or very outside of the spherical image which takes up the entire screen...and there is no easy way to penetrate into the panorama itself where there may be buttons or iframes that are embedded into inside wall of the panorama.
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