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Hi Andrew,
I'll provide a more detailed answer (hopefully with some real-life examples) on a separate thread, but to give you an answer for a question I know you've been having for the last two weeks:
Short answer: this may sound a bit harsh, but I'm against the idea of paying someone to write an add-on if that person is not a reputable narrative authority on NVDA. Trust me, I've seen folks trying to go through that route with mixed success - not knowing where to look for info, trying to solve one thing and then answering another question, and so on. Part of this has to do with inadequate NVDA development documentation, but my experiences as a Windows Insider (working with Microsoft and other app vendors) suggests deeper cultural issues are at play.
Although I wish to help you resolve the issues you are having with video editing software, I can't forget my current job and health - I am a college student, a competitive forensics (speech and debate) student, and weighing my options for activities for the next few months. Although some folks here may think I'm an NV Access staff member due to the kind of posts I write, I am not an NV Access employee, let alone live in Australia (suffice to say that I live quite close to where this year's CSUN conference will be held next month).

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Hi Joseph

I've been trying to recruit an NVDA developer, but even this list hasn't got me anywhere. Any other suggestions. Perhaps I should pay a friend who has never used NVDA to learn to develop and make me an add on?


On 14/02/2019 18:02, Joseph Lee wrote:
Hi everyone,
I hope the following post clarifies a few things discussed on this thread:
* Screen readers and mouse: although both act almost the same, JAWS
and NVDA uses different techniques to let you see what's under the
mouse, and for that matter, accessing certain screen elements. Until
recently NVDA had a slight advantage in mouse navigation and
announcing what's under the screen (including announcing coordinates
with beeps), but JAWS caught up with NVDA since 2018. Announcing
what's under the mouse has improved slightly in recent versions of NVDA.
* Visualized cursor tracking: yes, both JAWS and NVDA can do this -
built into JAWS since 2018 thanks to ideas from ZoomText, requires an
add-on for NVDA, although there is a research project to integrate
this and other vision related features into NVDA.
* Feature comparisons versus bashing: to me, it depends on wording and
how the reader understood a poster's intent. Although there were
initial misunderstandings, I view Steve's post to be a genuine attempt
at feature comparisons.
* Biased or unbiased: again it depends on how one views messages. In
this case, to be clear, I think Brian V's post should be considered an
answer to the question posed (cursor tracking) from another
perspective, or rather, a visual confirmation of what some people are
saying (yes, this also means this could be considered a biased
opinion, but to me, I consider it an informative answer).
* JAWS cursor versus Golden Cursor: the intention behind JAWS cursor
is to let you interact with screen elements as though you are moving a
mouse, similar in concept to how screen review works in certain
situations (when you need to review certain areas that you can't
easily with keyboard commands). The closest equivalent after screen
review in NVDA world is Golden Cursor add-on (under maintenance at the
moment), and that add-on does
physically6 (in terms of screen coordinates) moves the mouse pointer.

Overall feelings (not just this topic, but more recent ones as well):
* Level of familiarity: I think we should remember that not everyone
is an NVDA expert or a novice user.
* Source statement verification: whenever you come across a statement,
I think it'd be best to verify who said it and when so we won't get
thrown into confusion over misinformation. For example, when we talk
about feature comparisons, clarifying which version of one screen
reader one is comparing against may help folks pinpoint specifics
without hunting for more accurate statements, as we've seen from time
to time (I myself have fallen to that trap before, and I tend to take
source verification seriously since I am a member of this forum (a
former moderator, in fact) and is an owner of multiple lists).
Hope this helps.

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No, this is not true. Either can be used well with the mouse, and
you've taken what I'm saying out of context.

All the best


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Someone feel free to correct me if I am mistaken, but NVDA is designed
so that a low vision user can use the mouse.
JAWS, on the other hand, is strictly for someone that is totally blind.
Therefore, it would be less likely to be able to navigate by the mouse.

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