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Actually with the power of the cpus we have, thats probably not such a bad issue.

Of course, the cost would be in the hardware.

Fringerprint scanners in all the keyboards, mice, buttons, etc that would cost.

But we have face recognition, eventually we will have dna id so yeah its probably more than likely with a conventional os even.

On 15/02/2019 4:50 PM, Travis Siegel wrote:

These days, it would be trivial to make such a secure os.

Simply put fingerprint scanners into all of the keycaps, and into the mouse buttons.  That way, as long as your fingers are the ones on the keyboard, it's a pretty good bet that it's you doing the typing.  Obviously, since you're checking eight fingers instead of one, you could easily speed up the fingerprint identification time, because you wouldn't have to have a 100 percent match on every single finger, just a 80 percent match (or so) on all eight fingers.  If they all match, then it's unlikely it's someone else using your keyboard.  Of course, the mouse is a different story, that one would have to be either a three button mouse, with all three buttons needing to be covered, or perhaps a 100 percent match with the button you're clicking.  Either way, the secure os is definitely a possibility, even if it does need a as of yet nonexistent keyboard/mouse combo. 

Now, who knows how to patent an idea?

On 2/14/2019 7:47 PM, marcio via Groups.Io wrote:
Wow, I got curious about this "secure system". What's the name of it, can you tell me so I can look for more info on this matter? Just for fun, curiosity, you know.
Getting back to sounds, I'll just say that I tried everything that I could to get back my Firefox sounds while you seem to don't like yours. Ironic, isn't it? LOL
By the way, is there a way to  really get back the old sounds from the classic versions of Firefox?

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Em 14/02/2019 18:27, Shaun Everiss escreveu:
You know this brings me right back to university in my os class.

We were talking about security and all the hacking of late and someone asked if there was such a thing as a secure os.

Surprisingly, there was, but every action, needed a password, when you hit enter on anything you needed to varify it was you doing it.

The users didn't like it, it didn't go anywhere.

Back to sounds, I don't think you would like it if everything had a sound.

I had something like this on google chrome once.

In waterfox, nav sounds happen whenever pages move, complete, you type, or do things.

I don't need all those annoying noises download complete, nav start, popups, a few notifications.

Now I guess nav complete and a few others if you were on dialup would be nice but really.

I think you would get really annoyed if every action you pushed resulted in a beep from the pc.

Especially with how some soundcards process stuff.

For example, on my entertainment workstation due to its really mega power, the sound drivers filter the amp.

On headphones you get full power but on speakers its filtered.

Thats fine to play music, or speech, but you start putting more than 1-2 sounds at once you start having issues.

Now I do have some cards without that restriction.

And the reason they have such a restriction on the internals crappy that it may get at times is if you play it raw without some adjustments to the sound or volume, it really doesn't sound good and could damage your ears or the hardware.

Now it can be done, you may be able to run speech like that, but may not other things.

Sounds may have different volumes, some stuff can be louder than speech, I have seen my music be overwealmed by the speech and vice versa.

In fact its more the other way round.

Now if you had different things going through different cards and better still different speakers that would be fine but still.

Point is I wouldn't unnecesarily have sounds playing that could conflict with other sounds.

So for example while I am doing serious work I don't play music, if I do, I turn it down so it doesn't interfier with my sound.

That means I don't usually hear it and with the powerfull box I have now the sound cutouts trip so I need to plug it to a speaker anyway.

If I listen to a podcast or something, the idea is to focus solely on that audio without interuption at least I have always found it better.

Now for a while before sound cards got chipped to boards you were able to get away with a few of these things but I have had users blow their cards, and or speakers as a result of running to many things, I have friends blow their ears etc just by running to many things even though volume wasn't particularly loud.

On the later chipped systems till 2013 when they started tieing it to display cards you could still get away with it.

In fact on win7, you probably could get away with most of this sort of thing.

Win10 isn't going to get you like that.

There are some things it simply won't let you do out of design or safety or something.

Certain things that go against bits of its security or quality rules.

There are vary few things that it outright refuses without a lot of doodling about but well its just not a good idea.

Now in the case of sound if you want to risk it, you can probably get away with well not using your linked drivers and just a ms driver, but as long as you never need headphones or need to use anything bar internal speakers and even then, you may or may not be ok, you take the risk.

Now if you happen to be on a standard non powerfull entertainment workstation that needs enhancements due to crappy sound output you may be fine, you may even get away with it but I wouldn't.


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