Instances of redundancy

Felix G.

I am noticing that, when typing into the Youtube search field, for
every character I type, NVDA will repeat the name of the search field
followed by its current contents.
Also, in Chrome's address bar, when an automatic suggestion is
detected, that same auto suggestion is repeated every time I type an
additional character still matching the same suggestion.
Over time I find my concentration suffers when my audio input is
overloaded with all that stuttering. Is there a constellation of
settings which would minimize that kind of redundancy while still
keeping track of changes? I've experimented with the document and
browse mode settings but haven't come up with anything useful thus
In addition, I am noticing that in colsole windows, the same text is
often spoken multiple times, even if both character and word echo are
turned off. It sounds a bit like this:
Peter, Paul and. Peter, Paul and Mary were sitting. Sitting in the.
Sitting in the kitchen.
As a programmer I need to be sure what my console is doing or not
doing. Is there a way to make this behave reliably in this most basic
of scenarios? I wouldn't be complaining if this were a complex gui,
but we're talking about simple text-mode console here.
All the best, looking forward to everyone's friendly advice,

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