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There are a number of issues here. Firstly the OCR free version that nvda used, cannot recognise the wobbly font that they used to use. The next thing is that to me at least we should encourage people to report these divisive ideas as poor practice, as it can be done by careful choice of questions instead without making the site inaccessible to people with sight issues.
Lastly I see very few of the wobbly writing or dodgy incomprehensible audio kind these days, the tend to be a far more awkward issue in that a screen may say, click on the picture with a wave in it or a house with a chimney or whatever. Unless you are very lucky you stand no chance at all no matter what you do with such devices. I imagine as is said in this thread, of Cloud based OCR is got enough to read the writing, so is the spammer it has been designed to stop.
Again as in the thread about accessibility being designed in, rather than being a bolt on, this practice should never get past the thought stage on any web site that wants people to use it.
All I can offer you is that several people I know use their smart phones and Be May Eyes to solve them. its irritating and stupid but there it is.

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which windows do you use?
i heard someone in iran who has windows ten, he told me that with ocr
of windows ten and changing some settings, he can solves security
codes on websites!
i installed ocr addon for nvda and did not learn what should i do to
solve these kinds of codes.

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Hello all,

as Webvisum, at least to my knowledge, has been discontinued, I am wondering
if there are affordable captcha solving services which are accessible with

Anny input on this is highly appreciated.

Thanks and kind regards,


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