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You might be able to use a demo.

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Well, I don't have access to that screen reader.  I dropped my subscription a few years ago due to the cost.  So not an option for me. ;)


On 2/14/2019 5:07 PM, Lino Morales wrote:

Hi Dan. I hate to suggest this on the NVDA list, but have you tried to use convenient OCR with that other screen reader that has a sharky? Good luck.


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Subject: [nvda] OCR and pdfs


I have a pdf that I really need to ocr.  I am trying to use the Windows ocr via nvda+r.   It says it is running the ocr but it comes back with nothing.  I know the page of the pdf has text so I am confused about why it isn't OCR ing the thing.

Any ideas?


Dan Beaver (KC4DOY)
Dan Beaver (KC4DOY)

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