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Aravind R

apart from enter and insert+enter, we can try control+enter and left
click by routing mouse cursor to PC then pressing numberpad minus. Our
bank's e learning module wont allow me to succeed with any off these
technique. then we switch off brouse mode by using insert+space then
activate links using tab. even after these, some pages inside our bank
wont work in such cases, i have to ask sited colligues help.

On 2/15/19, Travis Siegel <tsiegel@...> wrote:
When I encounter one of these links, I've generally had no trouble
activating them in the usual way.  Either use the enter key (if moving
via arrows), or use the NVDA-numpad enter key to activate them.
Depending on how they're coded, the normal enter key works, if they're
javascript, then NVDA-NUMPAD enter usually does the trick.  There are a
few cases where this doesn't work either, and in those cases, I just
move on to something else, because it's more effort than it's worth to
fuss with it to make it work.  I'm very much a least effort type person,
if it's too much work, I'll ignore it and get the information elsewhere.

On 2/15/2019 6:00 AM, Peter Beasley wrote:

A number of sites are now using graphics that  contain links. How do
you activate these links using NVDA               ?

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