Re: Graphics that contain links


Speaking for myself, I'm going to echo Gene's earlier sentiments.  It really helps if you can give the URL to a page that exhibits the object in question and direct someone to said object.

I have been, how shall I put it nicely, complaining bitterly for a while now that it's becoming commonplace to mask links visually as if they were buttons.  They still activate the same way, but if you're a sighted person trying to direct someone who's blind to something on a page, and it looks like a button, you'll probably have them use button quick navigation to get there if you don't have them use screen reader search.  It's maddening when "a button (visually) is not a button (actually)."

These seem to activate just like any other link, though, in the vast majority of cases.  Once you've got focus, activate 'em by your method of choice.

As with all things accessibility, I'm sure there are exceptions, and those are the interesting cases to dig in to.

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