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molly the blind tech lover

Maybe I won’t use iTunes after all. Lol.


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iTunes is confusing no matter what screen reader you are using.

I use iTunes on a Mac with VoiceOver, and it is just as big a mess there as on Windows with either NVDA or JAWS.

That’s just how it is.

- Brad -


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I tried using iTunes  with NVDA and I had trouble navigating it. I found it confusing.

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I don't know what you mean by offers, but I do use itunes occasionally, though I really don't like it much, so it's generally reserved for those times I need to backup my iPhone, otherwise, I use amazon, spotify, serius xm, or my own version of an mp3 player I wrote depending on what I'm doing.  backing up the Iphone is about the only thing I use Itunes for these days, even though it insists on importing all my music, which irks me to no end, I just can't find the music I want to listen to when using Itunes, because it's interface has changed too much from when I used it on the mac, and had no issues with it.  I don't like the latest versions of Itunes for that reason, it's impossible to find anything.

On Fri, 15 Feb 2019, Ján Kulik wrote:

Hi all, does anyone use your iTunes on a computer with an NVDA reader?
NVDA just does not announce any offers after the ALTm slider or iTunes
version information. Unfortunately, I recently installed it.

Thank you for your answers.
Greetings from Slovakia


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