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A few years ago the Korean translations team (me included) had a small debate as to how to translate the notion of “gestures” into Korean. In the end, we settled on translating “input gestures” as “hotkey settings”.

As for technical writing: having delved into that for more than a decade (starting out as a high school senior in 2008), I do know how complex the process and business of tech writing and transcoding is (transcoding refers to coding something from one form of presentation to another) and describing complex things in the process. My most recent exercise in this arena has been writing expository essays on internals of some of the most complex NVDA add-ons out there, particularly for an add-on I myself didn’t write (Systray List). Folks who’ve been in this business (professionally or as a hobby) may have a common ground in talking about the process of solidifying a concept – that is, describing an abstract thing or a process in a way that many people can understand, or make it understandable to some in hopes that they can make it easier for others to follow. Also, we see different people as role models or indirect teachers of this craft – my role model is David Pogue, a former New York Times columnist who wrote books under The Missing Manual series (I don’t think he has updated his book on Windows 10 in quite a while).

Perhaps I should request a lightning talk slot in this year’s NVDACon to talk about technical writing profession…




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Hi Joseph,
As a former translator of both Russian and Arabic, I would like to point out that the word gesture in English would never be translated as command or anything like that in either of those languages. A gesture is something you do, say with your hands or maybe your head,  as in a nod. It’s a visual signal. It has absolutely nothing in the general sense to do with inputting stuff to a computer except on a touchscreen. So I don’t know how they’re translating that in other languages. But if I were translating it into Russian, I would not use the equivalent word for gesture, as it would make no sense


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Hmmm, Quentin, any thoughts? I think part of the problem may have to do with attempts at carrying old assumptions forward. I’m interested in your comments, as renaming a menu item will have vast consequences for not just users and English speakers, but speakers of other languages, tutorial writers, and NVDA promoters.




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How about just "commands" YOu know, K I S S?

Take care

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On Fri, Feb 15, 2019 at 07:38 PM, Gene wrote:

Maybe input commands, which would cover everything.

We're all getting very meta, and quickly, aren't we?

Gene, you and I are clearly on the same page.  I'd even pare off "input."  In the computing world (and even regular one, really) commands are generally thought of as input to a system/person, issued from outside.

There are definitely output commands too, but in the context of programming, which the non-programmer generally has no interest in.

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