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No, these are categories, not commands themselves. It is possible to add touchscreen gestures to a keyboard command and vice versa, and some add-ons (including at least two of mine) come with touchscreen gestures for some keyboard commands.




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this might be a dum question or maybe not.


I was looking through the input gestures for nvda and most are for the keyboard for desk top and lap top but there is also a section small as it is for touch gestures.


if some one had a device where they can do touch gestures is it this section also where they asign them?


When you go to the input gesture help section in the user manual it mentions more for keyboard and braile displays is the touch gestures the etc part?


Gene nz


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            I will admit that I, too, find the adoption of the terminology "input gestures" for what are almost universally dubbed "keyboard shortcuts" just plain weird.  But I also know that most developers of things that have keyboard shortcuts that are add-ons know that what they have chosen as a keyboard shortcut might conflict with something else that a user has on their system and include the ability to reassign shortcuts due to this.


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